Friday, September 5, 2008

Stuck in the past

As I drove home from work today indulged in the usual conversation and traffic, I happened to share a joke that any sane entity would perhaps prefer to share when he was 10 years younger. But since insanity governs me, there i was cracking it and laughing at my own hilarity ...not that it wasn't funny...It had something to do with a comic book that one used to read 10 years ago...(yea I'm an ancient person so make it 20 years..ok ok I'm exaggerating a little :P) So anyhow, my colleague was slightly amused and told me that I'm still living in the past..I smiled and pondered...It does seem like I'm living in the past..I keep talking about my experiences in college/school...what about work..Isn't life moving out there... If it is then its moving really fast..I can't even relate to the past 5 years since I left college...they seem to mean nothing more than age to me...Its as though my life came to a halt when I left college...Well, Its just a thought and I'm done sharing it.. :)