Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Dearest Blog.... :P

I just finished an assignment given to me a little too early so I thought I'll update my least visited and "post" deprived blog considering I had time and was left with nothing else to do... :P

Seriously I'd like to visit my blog more often than I actually do... I bet my friends visit my blog more often than me... (thank you so much... :P) ... I have come across so many blogs that talk about issues, opinions, life etc. ... I for one consider myself to be a "diary entry" kind of person...I used to maintain one as a child and would fill it with all that my mind could think of (which wasn't much... :D) ... I would fill it with my crush stories, my favorite famous person stories, favorite song lyrics... Now that I come to think of it...I don't think I have changed one bit... I surprise myself at times... :o


Homer Simpson! said...

I would have died of a shock if it wasn't for the ":P" in the title! HAH!

Dearest :|

And yeah I visit it more often that you do. And I am the one who posts comments asking for an update on your blog. :D
And im glad that you finally took it into consideration and gave me the privilege to read something written by you :P lmao!